The user research platform designed to be built on.

Say hello to the Blossom Pack for Coda - A beautiful, lightning-fast, user research repository, built with Coda and powered by Blossom.

The power of a limitless repository

Blossom Pack for Coda unlocks infinite workflows, continuous collaboration and better decision-making.
Building block repository
Manage all data, recordings, insights and reels in one hub.
One doc, many Packs
Build and integrate custom workflows with other Packs.
Two-way sync
Changes in Blossom will auto-sync to Coda, and vice versa.
Management & permissions
Manage roles and determine access across the team.
Respects your data
Customize access with granular control of what to sync and share.
Manage tags & themes
Explore micro and macro trends through tags and categories.
Transcribe every recording
Get automatic transcription with Blossom.
Create videos from highlights
Use transcripts to cut and perfect videos into important insights.
research together
Start connecting the dots
Everything you need to manage your entire research workflow, including the building blocks to scale as you grow.
Blossom Pack for Coda: Product manager research platform
Confidently prioritize what to build next
Build a business case and prioritize your roadmap, backed by your organization’s entire research footprint.
Product insights built directly into your design workflow
Bring usability testing and research findings out of your design workflow and share them with your team in one centralized place.
Increase your team’s data literacy
Serve up a system of record that your entire team can access, discuss, and take action on.
Get closer to your customers
Pull user feedback from your community platforms and help centers into one centralized place.
Never lose out on potential revenue
Gather and share insights from your customer sales calls with your entire team to make better product decisions on what to build next.

Building block workshops

Learn how to tailor the Blossom Pack for any project or research session while building your own add-ons.
Blossom + Coda workshop: Participant Screener
Coordinate user sessions. Manage it all here, from schedules to editing.
Coming soon
Blossom + Coda workshop: Diary Studies
Organize studies. Send pre-built surveys, tag recordings and edit out insights.
Coming soon
Blossom + Coda workshop: Weekly roundup
Rally the team. Create highlight reels and automate sharing to pre-defined groups.
Coming soon

We’re building a platform you can’t outgrow.

And while we’re in beta, you can use it for free. In 2022, teams can add it to any Pro subscription.