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Get started

Connect Zoom to your team workspace
Connect other research tools to your team workspace

Roles and Organizations

What is Blossom?
What is Blossom?
What is Blossom?

Conducting research

Conduct and sync user interviews into your team workspace
Setup and install the Blossom notepad for Zoom
Sync Zoom cloud and local recordings
Add user interviews from Google drive.
Add user interviews from Figma.

Analyzing, editing & sharing

Transcribe your first recording inside Blossom.
Setup auto transcribing.
Add 3rd party transcribing support.
Build an effective taxonomy system.
Create clip highlights from your user interviews inside Blossom.
Share a single recording with your team.
Share clip highlights inside Slack, Miro, Figma and more.
Export transcription, notes as a CSV.

Highlight reels

What are Highlight reels?
Create your first highlight reel from your latest round of user interviews.
Share your reels inside Blossom.
Share your reels inside Figma and FigJam.
Share your reels inside Miro.
Share your reels inside a Coda document.
Share your reels inside Slack.

Plans & billing

What is Blossom?
What is Blossom?
What is Blossom?

Security & privacy

What is Blossom?
What is Blossom?
What is Blossom?

Troubleshooting & support

Insight clipping not working?
Transcribing not working?
How can I contact a real human at Blossom?

Figma, FigJam plugin

install the Blossom plugin for Figma and FigJam.
How to add research from Blossom into Figma.
Building research reports using Blossom.
How the research team at Figma uses Blossom and FigJam together.

Miro app

install the Blossom plugin for Miro.
How the research team at Miro uses the Blossom plugin.
What is Blossom?

Blossom & Coda

What is Coda
Quick start guide
How to scale your user research efforts with Blossom and Coda.